Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So much to say!

I have so much I want to talk about, but time is limited.  I've got so much running through my mind, I don't know what I feel is the most important to talk about.  HHHHMM

Ok first off, last night my oldest GD, Krystal, had a band concert at her school in Rocklin.  She plays the flute.
Krystal warming up before the seat change

I got there 30 minutes early, and of course couldn't get a front row seat, so I did the next best thing, found a seat that look straight down the aisle at her.  All was cool, until the band director had them shift seats, after the auditorium had filled up. Not nice!  But it was still a nice concert, I just didn't get see her playing, which is why we all went.  Oh well.

Yesterday was a bad food day for me.  I fell back into my evil eating ways.  But today is a new day, I've been good.

I am so sore from Monday night's workout and I go back again to Diane's tonight.  Hope I can do the workout.  Oh the pain!  LOL

Tomorrow is Weigh-in Thursday.  I hope my bad behavior doesn't bite me in the toosh or show up on my toosh.

Stay healthy.

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