Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My number #1 goal in 2013 is to make peace with myself.  I've recently started juicing and I'm really seeing the benefits.

Along with that I've started following Kris Carr the author of Crazy Sexy Cancer and other books and her recent blog got me thinking.

What are my deepest desires?  Well there are a lot, but number one is to be financially stable.  But that is hard one to reach when you have adult kids who struggle as well.   But sometimes baby steps are needed and sometimes you have to take a different path to reach your #1 goal.

You can read her blog post HERE.  Here are my answers to her questions at the end of the blog.

My 3 Core desired feelings:
What am I going to do in 2013: Continue to de-clutter, my home and my mind. Work on daily meditations and finding what I’m grateful for each day. (This (gratitude) has been extremely hard for me so it’s a huge goal for 2013.)
What am I doing this week: Juicing, exercising, journaling (another toughy for me!)
What I’m no longer doing: I’m not allowing others to control my emotions. I won’t allow anger or hurt or frustration to rule my day.
I'm really going to work on attaining these desires this year and will attempt to journal as much as possible.  I'm hoping to journal here.
I wish I could afford the Desire Map, but alas there are too many other necessities that demand the funds.  Perhaps this is another goal, stop wishing for stuff I can't afford.  LOL