Friday, July 29, 2011

Weigh in Thursdays - a day late - plus MTB pics

Ok, I do have good intentions, but life doesn't seem to cooperate.  I really wanted to post at least every other day, but..........................

First, my weigh in yesterday left me distressed.  My weight was up, so I went into self destruct mode.  I can't tell you why.  It wasn't intentional, but it happened.
At first, I was really good, sticking to the plan.  But about 11a I started craving chocolate really bad.  I really, really, really wanted a Wendy's chocolate frosty. So I had a Twix bar.  Why?  Cuz it was easily available. UGH!  Then, Jen was going out for lunch and she knew how badly I wanted a Frosty.  So she comes back with a medium, not a small like I would've preferred, but a mediaum.  OMG - no control.  So that was lunch.
Then last night was our tri training night.  We were going to do a cycle and swim.  Well time constraints changed our plans to just a cycle.  The next thing I know, we're not cycling we're sitting inside Q'Bole for happy hour enjoying a beer, chips and salsa.
OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK today is a new day and I'm starting fresh once again.  So pray for me to maintain self control for the next week as my OFFICIAL Body Fit challenge weigh in is next Friday.  Oh there was another distressing #.  With last week's weigh in, even though I had lost weight, I had only lost a little bit of fat, I lost more muscle mass - NOT GOOD.  So Diane is really pushing me to up my protein.  This has been a huge struggle.  But I'm working on  it.

Ok enough with the depressing stuff.  This last weekend I went MTBing with my friends, Linda, Lisa, and Ralph up in Nevada City on the Pioneer Trail.  It was beautiful.
Linda, Ralph, Lisa and Me

I think I had the MOST fun on an MTB ride ever.  I let myself go a little crazy and I started testing my limits.  Riding up the sides of the trail, lifting the bike as I went over obstacles, getting airborne.  What a blast.
Showing of my muscles

Happy MTBer

This weekend I'm really pushing my limits and I'm going for a 32 mile road bike ride on actual roads - YIKES.  But I'll be with a group of well-seasoned riders and I know I'm in good hands.

Have a great weekend!