Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No sugar please

Well day #1 of no sugar went really well.  Day #2, not so good.

We went and saw Krystal, our oldest granddaughter, to give her her Christmas presents, then we took her to WalMart with us.  After exploring the extremely huge Super WalMart in Roseville, oh and not seeing any of the people from the WalMart video, thank goodness, Krystal wanted to go to Wendy's.  I was good, at first, I started eating one of my Perfect Foods Bars so that I wouldn't be tempted, but, to no avail.  Mark got a Frosty and I HAD to share it with him.  There went my no sugar rule.  But that was the only sugar I had yesterday.  So really not too bad.

On the "add" side of my goals for this month, get my finances in order, I did work on cleaning up my Quicken files for 2 days.  I'm still not up to date, however, I am closer and I am feeling good about it.  My goal is to spend a little bit of time each night this week on Quicken getting accounts balance and up to date.  Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be where I want to be with my Quicken files.  Wish me luck.

Today, I met up with Lisa and we did stair repeats instead of hill repeats.  At first I didn't think it was gonna be the workout I had hoped for, but after a couple of repeats up those stairs I was definitely feeling it.  Tomorrow morning is my Spin class, then tomorrow afternoon I meet Linda for our weekly 1/2 mile increase.  This week we will be running 5.5 miles - woo hoo, I'm so excited, slowly my mileage is getting back up there.

Oh I also wanted to mention that I road cycled the most that I have ever done on Saturday 12/31/11.  44.3 miles, which included something like 2300 feet of climbing.  It was awesome.  I'll be ready for my first century in no time.

Have a great week.  I hope to check back in on Thursday for "weigh-in Thursday"  YIKES
Welcome to Flight #2012.
We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your standards are secure and locked in an upright position. All Self-destructive devices should be turned off and put under your seat. Should we lose altitude under pressure during the flight, reach up and pull down a prayer. Prayers will be automatically activated by Faith. Faith will be your stewardess. Once Faith is fully activated, she can assist other passengers. There will be no baggage allowed on this flight. The Captain has cleared us for take off. Destination: Greatness! Enjoy your flight! Have an Amazing day, and an Amazing Year.

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